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VIREE Shield Antibacterial Sanitising Wipes (3x10's) [0252]
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Brand Viree
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* Why Should You Choose VIREE? *


* Kills COVID-19 (contains cationic moiety that impact protein capsid of virus or act as lipophilic by solvating their lipid based envelope upon contact)


* Kills 99.999% bacteria, mould, yeast & fungi


* Certified with:-

~ British Standard EN 1040:2005


* Safe for kids and family use


* Safe and gentle on skin


* Not sticky on skin


* Non-alcohol based


* Does not cause surface damage or corrosion


* Non-flammable


* Safe to leave it in your car (efficacy remains with high stability under hot temperature)


* No colour stain on clothes or skin


* No added fragrance


* Long shelf life (high stability)


* Wipe on hands, surfaces, toys, toilets, doorknobs, or any everyday objects


* About VIREE *


VIREE protects you from viruses, bacteria, mould, yeast and fungi, so you can Live Free. Learn more about us from

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