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YCH Herbal Bao Fei Soup 保肺湯1號 103g [2004]
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Benefit: Nourish Yin and Promotes body fluid, Nourish lung and stomach, suitable for those who are prone to dryness and heat.

Ingredients: Northern Adenophora, Ophiopogon, White Lentil, Morus alba, south apricot kernel, north apricot kernel

Dried Pear Preparation: 500gm meat, 8 bowls of water (or 2 liters), a teaspoon of salt


1. After boiling water, add in “Yew Chian Haw Herbal Bao Fei Soup 1 ” ingredients and bring to boil.

2. Then add chicken or any kind of meat. Reduce the heat and simmer until the meat is tender.

3. Add salt to taste.

Net Weight: 103 g Serving Size: 3-4 person




功效:滋陰生津,補肺益胃,適合體質易燥熱人士飲用。 成份: 北沙參,麥冬,白扁豆,桑葉,南杏,北

杏,雪梨干 材料:

500公克肉類,水8碗(或2公升),一茶食鹽 煮法:

1. 將水煮開後,加入“游建好保肺湯1號”配料。

2. 將所有材料放入煲內,加入適量清水,浸泡20至30分鐘。

3. 浸泡後的清水不必倒掉,以大火煲滾後轉慢火煲1.5小時,加入食鹽調味即可。 用量 :3-4 人服量 淨重:103克 保存方法:請存入冰箱

用量 :3-4 人服量 淨重:103克 保存方法:請存入冰箱

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